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Industry Trends

Discover the legal challenges facing the merchant cash advance industry with attorney Jacob H. Nemon, including contracts, compliance, and more!
With new state regulations and guidance from the CFPB, the MCA industry is changing rapidly. Check out the top stories from Q3 2023.
Explore Q2's key MCA news: proposed federal regulations, new state disclosure laws, and the rise of unethical debt firms.
Unmasking debt settlement scams in the MCA industry: discover the potential consequences for SMEs and how to safeguard your funding business.
Read on to discover how MCA providers are harnessing alternative data for more accurate SME risk assessment and a more inclusive lending landscape.
Gig workers. Freelancers. Independent workers. Read this article and discover the untapped merchant cash advance opportunities of the gig economy.
The e-commerce SME lending market is rapidly growing. This article will help those merchant cash advance funders looking to serve this niche.
We’re three months into 2023, and a lot is happening in the merchant cash advance industry. Here are the biggest stories of the year so far.
Are you an MCA funder looking to fund big-money deals? Read this article and discover some best practices for finding and funding your first $1M+ deal.

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