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Industry Trends

Forget about paperwork and tedious manual tasks. Streamline and fortify your MCA funding business with these 9 tech tools and solutions.
Legal debates. Fresh disclosure laws. Booming business figures for MCA providers. Discover the latest merchant cash advance trends and events of Q1 2024.
As more and more states implement new MCA disclosure laws, Onyx IQ offers funders with the resources they need to guide them through the regulatory maze.
Read on as Shane Mahabir shares his experience and insights in the revenue-based industry—a lot has changed in the last ten years.
From state-level disclosure laws to federal oversight maneuvers and more, here are the moments that shaped the merchant cash advance industry in 2023.
Fraud, legal battles, industry shifts and more–explore the top Q4 stories affecting the merchant cash advance and alternative lending landscape.
Detecting MCA fraud before it happens is the key to minimizing losses. Discover the right procedures and technology to keep your MCA operations safe.
Discover the legal challenges facing the merchant cash advance industry with attorney Jacob H. Nemon, including contracts, compliance, and more!
With new state regulations and guidance from the CFPB, the MCA industry is changing rapidly. Check out the top stories from Q3 2023.

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