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Supercharge Your Funding Company With Automated Loan Management Software

Onyx IQ is a loan management platform that enables you to automate every aspect of your funding business fully. Our alternative lending software gives you the tools to easily originate, underwrite, and close more deals.
Onyx IQ digital lending platform

Growing Your Digital Funding Business Has Never Been Easier

Underwriting Portfolio

View all of your underwriting functions in one prebuilt and data-intelligent interface that drives better decision-making.

Loan Portfolio Management

Monitor your portfolios in real-time, and harness our robust suite of pre-built reports to see a complete view of your lending business, including strengths, weaknesses, and gaps.

Soft Collections Workflows

Leverage communication templates and prebuilt workflows for internal soft collections, outsourcing default, and everything in between.


Gain greater visibility and better control over syndicated deals as a Funder or Syndicator. Automate syndicator payments, repayments, and reports. Give your syndicators the autonomy to operate on their own Syndicator Portal.

Broker Portal

House your pipeline and dedicated processes under a single login. As the only point of contact you will need to manage your lending ecosystem, Onyx IQ's broker portal makes workflows more efficient and data more accessible.

Customizable Decision Engine

Create your own scorecards according to your business rules. Weight scoring rule sets by importance and based on your unique customer base. Generate unique scores or render unique offers automatically.

Onyx IQ Massively Upgrades Your Lending Business

Transform your business with an automated loan management platform

Better Results, Faster

Streamline every aspect of your lending business, from origination to reporting, with Onyx IQ’s flexible LaaS Platform.

  • Streamlined and efficient workflows
  • Every integration you need
  • Top-tier security and compliance
  • Push and pull payments and commissions to all collaborators

100% Business Visibility

Get a 360 degree view of your funding company:

  • Live dashboard views
  • Real time reporting
  • Role-based security
  • Views from every angle (Clients, Applications, ISOs, Syndicators, etc)

No More Heavy Lifting

Onyx IQ’s lending platform makes manual processes a thing of the past through workflow templates and automation.

  • Access built-in communication templates to manage an unlimited number of third-party communications
  • Institutional-level reporting suite
  • Reduce inefficiencies and scale your business without adding full-time employees

Step up your lending when you step up to Onyx IQ

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