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End-To-End Loan Portfolio Management At Your Fingertips

Analyze, strategize, and manage your investments from a single source of truth. With Onyx IQ, you get a loan portfolio management software that automates how you move through your portfolios and brings full transparency into your business. View it all in a customized dashboard, and dive into every detail.

Real-Time Loan Portfolio Data

The Onyx IQ platform enables you to see your loan portfolio in real-time, so you can quickly manage, monitor, optimize, and adapt.

Greater Loan Portfolio Detail

Need more detail? View a cross-section of your loan portfolio, and break it down even further by size, broker percentage, and other important buckets.

Institutional-Level Reporting

Leverage the Onyx IQ suite of ready-made reports to analyze every aspect of your business including Portfolio by Vintage, Month End Accounting and Collections reports. Add on Borrowing Base reporting or ask us about creating custom reports to fit every requirement of your funding company.

API-Ready Integrations

Take away the heavy lifting of reporting by connecting your data to the Onyx IQ platform. With our API-ready integrations, you can quickly and easily generate robust loan portfolio reports that leverage multiple data sources for truly actionable business insights.

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