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Automated Soft Collections Made Easy

A ready-made efficient, agile and repeatable collections process that works for you. Automatic status changes, communications and workflows to simplify the life of an in-house collector. Automate your collections with OnyxIQ.

Email and SMS Communication

Effortlessly communicate with your customers and stakeholders directly from the Onyx IQ Platform. Set up automatic communications and send once-off templates or 2-way SMS messages to stay on track.

Automated Collections Workflows

Onyx IQ comes equipped with collections statuses and workflows to help you successfully manage your portfolio from the moment a payment is missed. Track payment issues, modify payment plans, and send deals to your agency of choice with just a few clicks.

Reduce Personnel Redundancy

Typically, loan billing and collections need extra personnel to handle daily collections operations. Onyx IQ equips you with the tools and sequences you need for agility. Significantly reduce both your collections workload and needed personnel as you turn debt collections from a pain point to your organization’s core strength.

Loan Servicing

Onyx IQ is a complete loan servicing solution. Maintain deal flow as you manage payments, monitor funds, and collect delinquencies across your lending ecosystem.

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