Collections Made Easy (And Painless)

Establish an efficient, agile, and repeatable collections process that works for you. Make your way through your workflow with a few clicks, add documents, and send the deal out–Onyx IQ lets you know where you are at all times.

Unlimited 3rd-Party Communication

Whether you’re contacting one outside party, or 100, Onyx IQ can handle it. Managing your relationships with third-party collections stakeholders is made easy with our platform. 

Rather than starting every collections notification from scratch, minimize administrative actions and optimize your messaging with Onyx IQ’s library of communications templates.

Intelligent Collections Workflows

Your deal flow will only be as effective as your ability to collect what’s owed. Instead of reinventing the collections wheel, leverage Onyx IQ’s intelligent collections workflows to spend less time on repetitive tasks, and more time collecting revenue.

Reduce Personnel Redundancy

Typically, loan billing and collections need extra personnel to handle daily collections operations. Onyx IQ equips you with the tools and sequences you need for agility. Significantly reduce both your collections workload and needed personnel (by as much as 30%) as you turn debt collections from a pain point to your organization’s core strength.

Loan Servicing

Onyx IQ is a complete loan servicing solution. Maintain dealflow as you manage payments, monitor funds, and collect delinquencies across your lending ecosystem.

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