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Customizable Business Credit Scorecards

The foundation of safe, secure and automated credit decisions. Apply your data, your business rules and your nuances to highly configurable scorecard models.

Full Workflow Control

Onyx IQ drives efficient and secure credit decisioning models by combining expansive data sources with process customization. You decide your scoring workflow; we power and continuously improve the tools at your disposal.

Customized Credit Scoring

Need more detail? Adjust Onyx IQ’s scorecards to meet your organization’s process and protocol needs. Automate your evaluations, more effectively qualify borrower profiles, and close more deals.

Safer Credit Decisions

Onyx IQ’s business credit scorecards will empower your lending stakeholders will more quickly and effectively identify serious credit risks. Your sales team will see the difference – and your bottom line will reflect it, too.

The Power of Automation

Eliminate repetitive evaluation tasks and position your credit risk team to more effectively analyze, vet, and deliver at scale.

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