Syndication Made Simple

A robust collection of collaborative tools to help you reduce risk, keep it transparent, and achieve meaningful partnerships. Automate payouts and collections to and from your syndicators: define what and when with just a click.

Advanced Syndicator Visibility

Today, a syndicator may have as many as 15 lenders participating in a single deal. Onyx IQ offers syndicators a 360-degree view of the lending lifecycle to more efficiently facilitate the workflow requirements of all lending stakeholders.

Greater Control of Syndication Funds

Onyx IQ’s API-ready integrations enable you to directly connect with lead arrangers such as banks or other financial institutions. Link ACH information and schedule daily, weekly, monthly, or even manual payments with a simple click.

Share Balances

Onyx IQ enables you to share loan balances and payments – from management fees to commissions and beyond – and automatically update the status of a loan to all stakeholders involved in the syndication process.

Reduce Complexity

Your cluster of syndication partners will have varying processes and no shortage of diverse lending needs. Streamline the flow of information and minimize risk for your network of syndication partners with Onyx IQ.

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