A Single Ecosystem for All Underwriting Functions

Data-driven underwriting fully customized to your lending business. Add, view, and edit your client’s information in a single page, to make well-informed and quick decisions.

All-in-One View

Onyx IQ’s lending platform gives you a robust underwriting interface with full workflow visibility, including individual loan statuses.

Customize our cloud-based lending software to meet your business needs and position your underwriting stakeholders for accurate and agile risk management.

Improved Loan Decision Making

With Onyx IQ, complicated manual processes are a thing of the past. Quickly assess credit criteria, evaluate risks or information gaps, and act on valuable data intelligence as you engage in real-time underwriting.

Improved Risk Management

By adding underwriting automation to your organization’s toolkit, you can marry both speed and accuracy to your dealflow, eliminating inefficiencies as you achieve underwriting excellence at scale.

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