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Onyx IQ is an all-in-one digital lending platform designed to help lenders automate their decisions and workflows to close more deals, service portfolios, and report on institutional grade levels from day to day, month to month, and year-end.

Onyx IQ’s lending automation tools can boost virtually every aspect of your digital lending business. Our best-in-class SaaS platform is powered by prebuilt workflows for your underwriting, customizable scorecards, communication templates for collections, automatic updates of syndication funds, real-time performance data, and much more.

Onyx IQ is designed for alternative lenders servicing small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). If your an SME lender in need of end-to-end loan management, then Onyx IQ is right for you. 

It automates the entire workflow of your business and has the ability to track, report, and underwrite on an institutional level.

Data can be uploaded into Onyx IQ overnight. Testing, branding, and building out all of your workflows can be completed in two weeks.

To see the platform’s speed first hand, schedule a quick Demo.

Yes! Onyx IQ is API-ready and can support integrations with financial institutions and other sources easily. Onyx is Integrated with a variety of financial institutions. Check out our API Integration page for more information.

Yes! Any syndicator can login and see the real-time performance.

Yes, Onyx IQ users have access to institutional grade reporting, including collection curve reports, static pool reports, month-end funding, and GAAP Compliant or/and Accrual basis accounting reports, and more.

Yes! Any Funding company or Lender has the ability to create as many scorecards as they seem fit to automate the decision process.

Yes! Onyx IQ takes comprehensive measures to protect your information from loss, unauthorized access, and destruction through firewalls, encryption, access authorization controls, and secure data backups. Sensitive information is secured with 256-bit encryption while at rest as well as in transit over the TLS protocol.

Yes, our dedicated specialists are available to you from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. EST. Contact us if you have questions or need guidance.

You can schedule a demo any time by clicking here. We can typically get you on the calendar within 48 hours. A demo takes roughly 45 minutes to an hour (depending on questions).

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