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Industry Trends

Read this article and discover the biggest MCA industry stories from 2022, as well as what we think is in store for merchant cash advance in 2023
Welcome to our new alternative lending executive interview series. Today, we speak with our first interviewee, Onyx IQ’s VP of Sales, Elizabeth Schuerman.
Today, agile software is essential for SME lending success. Discover the best practices to follow when selecting and deploying a new platform.
Read this article and learn what advanced technologies like AI, machine learning, and decision engines can offer SME lenders.
Discover everything you need to know about the metaverse as it relates to SME lending: opportunities, risks and what the future holds.
Still using Excel for your SME lending business? You may want to rethink your choice and consider a SaaS lending platform instead.
Automation can improve every stage of your small business lending process. Read this article and discover how!
Interest rates are on the rise and if you’re a small business lender you need to be prepared. Read more to learn more.
Business credit scorecards are crucial to the success of your digital SME lending business. Read on and learn what they are and how they work.

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